Kia Ora, Welcome to reTHiNK. Changing our attitudes towards mental health.

At Mind and Body we are constantly working to change the way our local community thinks about mental illness / unwellness / distress or just being human.

This year, Mind and Body in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand are honing our thinking to one misunderstood diagnosis – schizophrenia.

You’ll find our winning billboard entry by James Allan of Creative Exchange featured on the banner above, click on the green banner to jump straight to this exciting project where you can take our Quiz and see what living with schizophrenia is really about.

There you’ll find links to reTHiNKing schizophrenia through creativity, stories, information and discussions. Please feel free to  join the conversation or share your own experiences.

Nearly half the population will have an experience of mental “illness” or “distress”  in their life-times. Stigma and discrimination will be among the biggest barriers we face on our journey to recovery and so we work as part of the national Like Minds, Like Mine programme to change individual, organisational and societal attitudes. Note that we deliberately put the words “illness” and “distress” in quotation marks because not everyone agrees with these terms or considers their experiences distressing.

reTHiNK is here to help you understand that mental unwellness is normal, common and can be recovered from.

Be part of our latest reTHiNK projects and play a part in creating social change by helping us think creatively about how to reduce stigma and discrimination – or give us an idea for our next project.



Find alternative perspectives of madness from people who have been there, positive media, and the Like Minds, Like Mine programme.



Learn more with a reTHiNK Madness workshop option made just for you.



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