Kia ora, welcome to reTHiNK: Changing our attitudes towards mental health.

Jan 18th 2016 –  the reTHiNK Website is currently undergoing a refresh and complete change so watch this space!

At Mind and Body, we are constantly working to change the way that our local community thinks about mental illness/unwellness/distress (or just being human).

reTHiNK is a creative exploration of how to talk about the experiences of mental health differently, through engaging, thought provoking and  entertaining projects or mediums that see value in these experiences.

reTHiNK.org.nz  is not a support site per se, but we know that sharing experiences in creative ways helps to break down the barriers between ourselves and “others” and that learning how others  survive and thrive because of these experiences (not despite them!) can be supporting in and of itself. 

Click on the video below for a comedic interpretation of two of the common attitudes towards mental “distress” 


Nearly half the population will have an experience of mental “illness” or “distress” in their lifetime, and one in five will experience mental health and/or addiction challenges this year. Stigma and discrimination will be among the biggest barriers we face on our journey to recovery and  reTHiNK works to change individual, organisational and societal attitudes and behaviours through creating and sharing innovative content, resources, projects and training.

Note that we deliberately put the words “illness” and “distress” in quotation marks; firstly, because not everyone agrees with these terms, and secondly, because not everyone considers their experience distressing. In fact, at reTHiNK, we like to re-claim the term “madness” and flip it on its head. Click on some of our links below to find out how other people think, the language they use and why.

reTHiNK is here to tell you that mental “distress” is common, normal, and can be recovered from. 

Find out about our  reTHiNK projects, what we’ve done, what we’re currently doing and how you might play a part in creating social change by  getting involved.



Find alternative perspectives on madness from people who have been there, discover our own definition, and find positive stories of mental health from the media.



Learn more with a reTHiNK Madness workshop  designed just for you.  



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