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Facilitator’s Videos

Download the support notes and watch the videos:

Supporting information and video summary notes

These short videos will help you feel prepared to run this resource. The first video (9 minutes) covers the main messages sitting behind Conversations for Change. The second video (7 minutes) discusses challenging conversations that may come up when you’re facilitating the resource and gives you tips and structure on how to manage these.

The third video is especially for those facilitators who would like to share their experience of mental distress with their group, and informs you on how to do this in a way that helps reduce stigma.

Further Reading

While each activity in Conversations for Change has a facilitator guide with all the information you  need, we have also included a list of further reading options to help you extend your knowledge and encourage your curiosity. The further reading lists are great places to direct active participants who might like to learn more.


Challenging Conversations

Conversations for Change is about challenging stigma and discrimination related to mental distress, and increasing social inclusion. It has a strong help-seeking message, however it is not a suicide prevention programme. We believe that all of our community needs to be informed about the signs that indicate someone is considering suicide

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