reTHiNK Workshops

Professional development for you, your team, or your organisation.

reTHiNK Workshops promote resilience, change attitudes and share mental health strategies tailored for community.

Nearly half the population will have an experience of mental “illness” or “distress” in their lifetime, and one in five will experience mental health and/or addiction challenges this year. We all need to know how to understand, relate to and support people going through it. Stigma and discrimination are among the biggest barriers faced and so a significant part of reTHiNK Workshops is about addressing stigma and promoting understanding.

reTHiNK Workshops are an affordable and accessible way to explore attitudes around mental “illness” and learn new tools for supporting your own and others’ wellbeing.

We can design tailored education and training to suit your time and budget which will go towards fulfilling your obligations under health and safety, build a resilient community or workforce, match learning outcomes for education providers, identify you as an employer of choice or increase your businesses profit through a reduction in absenteeism, presenteeism, sick leave and attrition.

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