Custom Education and Training

Custom workshops for any group of people to understand mental unwellness in more positive terms. Students, mental health professionals, school teachers, employers, government institutions, the entertainment industry and corporate professionals have all benefited from our Custom reTHiNK Workshops, speaking engagements and tailored education and training.

As an example, check out an article written about one of our custom workshops for School Teachers here:  “reTHiNK Teenage Madness”

reTHiNK works in collaboration with our sister company, an NZQA registered training company, Mind and Body Learning and Development, to further develop and deliver tailor-made education programmes specific to your context and/or environment. 

Please click here to contact us about your specific training needs.

Your training can range from a one hour lecture to a full day workshop, a public speaking engagement or series of linked modules and anything in between, depending on your needs.

Key Benefits

Improved skills for supporting stressed or distressed colleagues, students and clients.

  • Reduced staff stress – greater understanding of stress, its effects, and how to respond to it constructively
  • Enhanced group culture – an appreciation that stress and mental distress are universal issues not personal faults, and that talking about them to the right people helps
  • Increased organisational capacity to identify and respond to potential stress-related issues before they become major problems
  • Improved skills for supporting themselves and others.

Our facilitators are experienced mental health professionals who are open to talking about their personal experiences and also have a broad range of other relevant experience to make our training interesting, entertaining and engaging including in the professional fields of Music, Speaking, Creative Writing, Psychology and Teaching.

Our facilitators speak on a range of engaging topics. Just some of the topics we have presented on  include  Social Networking, The Culture of Perfectionism, Resilience, Holistic Wellbeing, Supporting Yourself and Others, Ethics, The Consumer Perspective, Health Promotion, Successful Events and ‘Is Mental Illness Funny?’.

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