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Short plays that help audiences rethink mental distress.

Watch or download the original scripts.

Explore the performances below or search for a theme.

Making Sense

Basic Overview: This play is featured in the Conversations for Change activity "Fresh Eyes." Students…

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Negatively Oriented Therapy

Basic Overview: Someone too happy goes to a very specialized therapist for help. At what…

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The Problem’s with Me

Basic Overview: Craig has been sent out of class...again…and teachers are talking about him... again.…

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Terribly Unwell

Basic Overview: Jamie is terribly sick. It’s okay though, he is seeing a doctor, and now…

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Terry Lightens Up

Basic Overview: It's a fact of life that Doctors are pretty impressive people, and mad…

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Sticks, Stones and the R Word

Basic Overview: Meet Rosa, a woman with an intellectual disability; "You might not think I…

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Basic Overview: The tale of a system crazier than the people it serves. It illustrates…

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It made me think again about how the world is portrayed. It ‘shifted the axis’ a
little by challenging the usual assumptions and portrayals of ‘madness’  – Audience Member

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