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Basic Overview:

Meet Rosa, a woman with an intellectual disability; “You might not think I understand, but just because you don’t hear what I say, doesn’t mean I’m anything less than you are. You, you with your names and labels – you’re the real ‘R’s” .Look at me, I mean really SEE me.”

2010 rethink theatre challenge

Discussion Points:

  • What is the main learning about the association between mental health issues and intellectual disability?
  • What myths and stereotypes surround both mental and intellectual issues?
  • What are the truths?
  • What could we do to better understand either experience?
  • What are the most difficult challenges facing people with intellectual disability based on this play?
  • How would talking to people with intellectual disabilities or their family members help you the portrayal of Rosa become more realistic and less stereotyped?
  • This script was written by a US author: Investigate the statistics and situations for people with intellectual disability in your country; how integrated into the community are they?


mental health, intellectual disability, myths, stereotypes, labels, stigma, discrimination

Download the play script hereDownload

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