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Making Sense

Basic Overview:

Jamie is terribly sick. It’s okay though, he is seeing a doctor, and now it’s official –  he is mentally ill. The diagnosis is a terrible condition known as HPD – human personality disorder!
rethink theatre challenge

Discussion Points:

  • What is this play trying to say about mental illness and diagnosis?
  • This play was written for a young-adult, female lead but in the online play is played by a small boy – Does age and gender change the way you see the story at all?
  • Are different genders encouraged to show their distress differently? How?
  • How might this shape the child’s view of themselves, the families role in their care and their community’s information about that child?
  • Which characters are showing the most distress in the play?


women, youth, mental disorder, medical model, myths, stigma and discrimination

Download the script here

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