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Hearing Voices: A Cacophony of Creativity is now available as a free resource under an attribution-creative commons licence.

This means you can use these stories for educational purposes.

TRIGGER WARNING – Some parts of these real stories can be difficult to hear/read for some people with personal experience of mental “distress”.

Photographs are not of the subjects, but from attendees of the “A Cacophony of Creativity” event/installation.

Created by Mind and Body Consultants and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand with help fromTigerstew Productions  for Like Minds, Like Mine .

Real stories from people who hear voices, their understandings of why they do, and their recovery journey, told by voice-actors to maintain anonymity.

How do you think about schizophrenia? Take this quick quiz to find out and get some answers to burning questions.

The winning billboard entry used as our page-banner was displayed on K’Rd in Auckland for 3 months (click on the thumbnail, top left, to see the complete image). Designed by artisJames Allan, of Creative Exchange, it took the common misunderstanding that people with schizophrenia have a split personality and busted it.

Whether or not you have personal experience of any of the symptoms associated with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, you will be aware of the rumour mill that keeps many myths about schizophrenia circulating in our society. In response, we have compiled a myth-busting billboard, quiz and collection of creative voices that give their very own perspective on what it is like to live with, to support someone with, or to recover from, schizophrenia.

Thanks to Mind and Body Consultants  and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand; on your right you’ll find links to reTHiNKing schizophrenia through creativity, stories, information and discussions. Please feel free to comment below to join the conversation or share your own experiences.


Schizophrenia is only one thing on my plate V1

If you are keen to find out more about previous years’ creative projects, including the worldwide mental health arts and theatre event, the Big reTHiNK, we’re in the process of putting a book together of all the scripts to use as a resource; in the meantime you might like to visit our Youtube Channel and check out all the stigma-busting performances!

Watch The Big reTHiNK (each performance is edited into sections, so simply click forward to watch a particular performance).


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