Previous reTHiNK Projects

Haven’t caught up with the hype yet? Here it is:

The Like Minds Big reTHiNK started life as The reTHiNK Grant. From 2009 – 2011 the reTHiNK Grant invited creative project proposals from Aucklanders and then provided funding to up to three community projects a year.

The reTHiNK Grant was used to create community projects such as the award-winning comedy show, In A Better Place (Chris Brain), a poetry book (Mosaic & Myth, Toi Ora Live Art Trust), a 24-Hour Theatre Challenge (Adam Fresco, Titirangi Theatre) and a multimedia theatre show called reTHinK Possible Worlds (Christian Jensen, The Literatti). Click on the photos below to read more about each year’s project.

In 2012, instead of splitting the small funding pool among several projects, the reTHiNK team decided to use the entire pool to create one global series of events. reTHiNK 2012 saw the selection and production of the best creative works from submissions from around the world, over several festival-type events in New Zealand and beyond.

The Big reTHiNK Gala event at Q Theatre in Auckland launched world Mental Health Awareness week in October 2012 with a professional production which was filmed live and is available on our YouTube channel.

The Big reTHiNK Gala was a multi-genre live performance (music, theatre, film, dance, poetry, visual art and stand-up comedy) which took the audience on an interactive emotional roller-coaster ride focused on mental “illness” and recovery.

Each piece, chosen from 71 submissions, was selected for the destigmatising message it conveyed. Themes ranged from age-related mental health issues (youth and older people) to specific topics such as eating disorders and employment.

Please contact us to receive an official theatre programme which describes each piece, its message and the people involved.

Overall, we reached around 2000 people live with Like Minds messages in the 5 days we performed at Q theatre in Auckland. We also involved 100+ cast and crew and 40 volunteers who were open about their own experiences in order to raise awareness, normalize and destigmatise.

Please find HERE the incredible audience testimonials we received that evidence just how powerfully the message gets through in this format.

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