reTHiNK 2010

In 2010 the reTHiNK Grant funded a twenty-four hour theatre challenge, a t-shirt design competition and exhibition, and a community art installation.





Joshua Gerbault for reTHiNK: Ethosphere

This exhibition first asked artists of Aotearoa to ‘reTHiNK Madness’ by producing designs to get people thinking about mental unwellness in a positive way.  Images were also screen-printed onto limited edition T-shirts and exhibited at Te Karanga Gallery on K Road from August 19th – September 1st.  A selection of T-shirts were then later available for purchase from Rodayo Busk.


Adam Fresco for The reTHiNK Theatre Challenge


For the 10th day of the 10th month in 2010, scriptwriters were asked to create a 10 minute script that explored the theme ‘Madness as a Matter of Degree”. Teams of actors and directors were given 24-hours to workshop the 10 best scripts for performance at the Titirangi Theatre and The Classic during Mental Health Awareness week. 

A short taster is below but you can watch the videos of each performance  here!


Carolyn Millbank & Colleen Altagracia for “reTHiNK What’s On Your Plate”

This project asked Aucklanders with and without experience of mental “illness” the question “what’s on your plate?”  After a year of collecting responses, artists Colleen Altagracia & Carolyn Milbank transformed them into an artistic installation that played on the Kiwiana tradition of “bringing a plate”.

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