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This section contains links to articles, blogs and other content offering different views of mental illness and schizophrenia. The resources look at various issues, including: the impact of the language we use, the DSM-5 and diagnosis, violence and mental illness, and what treatments are available and work.

The Language We Use:

DSM-5: guidebook, bible or book of insults?
This piece is an article from the Like Minds newsletter, issue 52, on The DSM 5 and the diagnosis debate. “A diagnosis is not a person. In order to properly help and heal someone, we need to be able to understand them, and the first place we should be looking is at the person and not at a diagnostic manual… “

Talking about language

Another article from the Like Minds newsletter, this one issue 53. This article again looks at the impact of the language we use: “If a rose by any other name smells as sweet, do the words we use really matter? Judging by the ongoing debate into the language of mental illness, it would seem so…”

Is the Schizophrenia Diagnosis Useful?:

Conversations about diagnoses: help or hindrance?
The recent diagnosis forum facilitated dialogue between people who have received psychiatric diagnoses, scientists, clinicians and lawyers. The forum was the vision of Robert Miller. Robert is a neuroscientist diagnosed with schizophrenia. Kites Trust supported the organisational aspects of the forum.

The New Zealand Schizophrenia Research Group

This website includes occasional essays on schizophrenia, diagnosis in psychiatry, and the DSM-5.

Violence and Mental Illness:

Violence, mental illness and substance use

A fact sheet that discusses the links between violence and mental illness – excellent discussion on wider community issues associated with violence.

Treatment and Recovery:

Full recovery from schizophrenia?

This article on the website BrainBlogger is by Paris Williams, PhD. Williams works as a psychologist in the San Francisco Bay Area. He holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Saybrook University. He offers the rare perspective of someone who has experienced psychosis from both sides — as a researcher and psychologist, and as someone who has himself fully recovered after struggling with psychotic experiences.

Recovery from schizophrenia: views of psychiatrists, psychologists, and others diagnosed with this disorder
An academic article discussing the concept of recovery from schizophrenia, including the viewpoints of a range of psychiatrists ans psychologists who have all experienced schizophrenia themselves.  

Do antipsychotics worsen long-term schizophrenia outcomes? Martin Harrow explores the question

This article, from Mad In America, explores an academic article published in Schizophrenia Bulletin which concludes that “our current paradigm for treating schizophrenia, which emphasizes continual lifelong use of anti-psychotics, needs to be fundamentally rethought”.

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