I want to Submit my Creative Work

It may seem daunting at first, but there are 4 easy steps to submitting your work for The Big reTHiNK.

If you are still confused, check out our Frequently asked questions, or contact us


STEP 1 →Read or print the Creative Contributor Guidelines  Read these guidelines if you have an idea for a creative work.


 STEP 2 Read and save or print the Script Template  You will be writing your submission (drama, music, choreography, comedy, installation etc etc) onto this template and then uploading it into the form below.


Optional STEP Read the Sample Script: Diagnostic Cafe (to see a completed one to give you an idea)


STEP 3 Get Your Participant Number: To get a participant number email admin@mindandbody.co.nz with the subject line “reTHiNK Participant Number request” and include  with your Full Name, Postal Address, Email, and PhoneNumber in the body of the text and you will be emailed back a number.  and submit your work till the end of June 2012.

Your participant number is to ensure our Judges don’t know who you are and can remain impartial. Please note that after May 30th 2012 our script consultant  will no longer be able to offer guidance on getting a script into the correct format so please ensure your submission is on the standard “script template”

STEP 4 (Last step ) – Are you ready to submit your work? Use the form below.

Or if you have a smart-phone, you may like to download the form by scanning the bar code at the bottom of the page.

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