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Using one of the three evaluation measures options may be of interest to you if:

  • You would like to add to the information available about the impact Conversations for Change
  • You would like to make a case for Conversations for Change being a regular part of your organisation’s/school’s activities
  • You have an interest in research.

Online survey (Option one)

Using their phones or a computer, ask prticipants to complete the pre-survey before undertaking any of the activities of the resource (even the day before is an option).

Ask participants to complete the post-survey after undertaking all activities of the resource.

Facilitator to fill in additional information.

Manual print survey (Option two)

    1. Print a copy of Survey A and Survey B for each participant
    2. Before beginning  any of the Conversations for Change activities, ask participants to fill in Survey A and collect.
    3. Facilitate Conversations for Change
    4. Ask participants to complete Survey B and collect.

Email your results to using the results form, or by scanning in all surveys and emailing. Please make a note on the top of surveys where and when they were filled out (e.g. Lakes High School, Year 11 Health, July 18)

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