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The Big reTHiNK on Good Morning: Watch Breakfast TV interview producer and director Taimi Allan, Host Rob Callaghan and Comedian and writer Chris Brain about this world-first event.

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Like Minds Like Mine TV Ads: Watch the national ads made by the Like Minds, Like Mine Programme for New Zealand television. The latest message is ‘Be there. Stay involved.’ here is just one of the current TV Ads.

It’s A Mad Mad World – an Open Doors documentary about mental health and employment, featuring staff from Mind and Body Consultants, including the Like Minds team.

Suicide Prevention Conference 2011 hosted by SPINZ and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. Taimi Allan joins the expert panel discussion on social media and warning signs.

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23rd July 2012 – Interview on MiNDFOOD Magazine’s radio show/ podcast about The Big reTHiNK 2012

COMING SOON! Listen to interviews on Take It From Us with our team and project partners about:

  • Coping and Recovery
  • Social Media and Suicide
  • reTHiNK Possible Worlds 2011
  • Mad 24 Hour Theatre Challenge 2010
  • Comedy and Mental Health
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Newspapers and Magazines


  • The Aucklander Article: Beauty Rethought: Sharu Delikan interviews Luke Derrick and Vicki Cottingham about their experience of writing and directing a short play for the 2010 MaD reTHiNK Theatre Challenge.
  • Sunday News Article: Go Mad It Could Pay Off: Nicola Russell interviews Taimi Allan and 2009 reTHiNK Grant recipient Chris Brain, who won a Billy T Award for his reTHiNK project, a stand-up comedy show, In A Better Place.

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Web Logs / Blogs


reTHiNK Possible Worlds Artist Blogs: Participants of this 2011 reTHiNK Grant project wrote regular blogs on The Big Idea. You can follow the creation of their multimedia theatre show, reTHiNK Possible Worlds, from inception to final outcome. Find out how the poets, dancers and musicians experienced the challenge of reducing stigma with collaborative theatre.

  1. reTHiNK Possible Worlds In Progress: Creative Director Christian Jensen blogs on the process so far.
  2. When Poetry Meets Dance: Performance poet Miriam Barr talks about working with the dancers.
  3. Ordering Chaos: Literatti poet Daniel Larsen talks about being part of such a large project.
  4. Working on Interaction: Literatti poet Simone Kaho discusses collaborating with other poets.
  5. Guerrilla Style: Literatti poet Miriam Barr fills us in on what happens when you give the reTHiNK Possible Worlds crew permission to colour in the streets.
  6. On Making Poetry Dance: Etched Dance Productions dancer Febe (Sarah) Holmes reflects on creating dance for the show.
  7. Cast Interview Maddy King: Literatti poet Maddy King talks about her experience with reTHiNK Possible Worlds.
  8. Cast Interview Jai MacDonald: Literatti poet Jai MacDonald discusses his journey with reTHiNK Possible Worlds.
  9. Workshopping with Cameron Rhodes: The poets get inspiration and insight from many places.
  10. A Musician’s Perspective: Musical director John McNab writes about his perspective of reTHiNK Possible Worlds.
  11. A Feast of Artistry: Literatti poet Simone Kaho takes on the reTHiNK Possible Worlds cast interview to tell you what it means to her.
  12. Poetry Meets Rock Opera: Literatti founder and poet Shane Hollands gives you his take on reTHiNK Possible Worlds.
  13. Expect to be Moved: Literatti poet Miriam Barr responds to the reTHiNK Possible Worlds cast interview.
  14. Back Before TV: Etched Dance Productions dancer Jess Quaid speaks to what the show is about for her.

2010年新聞 十二月 精神科醫生真正的想法是什麽? – 這個以精神科醫生的角度進行的調查,目的是評估精神科醫生的職業態度
Education: reTHiNK teenage madness
An article on one of our popular tailored workshops for school teachers.

Diary of a Mental Health Promoter One week in the life of regional Like Minds Coordinator Taimi Allan, February 2010

Art imitates life
Press release about drawing on personal experience as a lead actor in a challenging emotional role – in Deep Blue Sea.

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