Personal Perspectives

Find out about madness from the people who experience its value.

Read about how experts by personal experience understand mental health problems, stigma and the recovery journey. Successful artists, musicians and thinkers fill us in on how they see it.

Mary O’Hagan – Making Sense Of Madness From The Inside

“Sanity is the container madness sits in; they are made for each other like a cup is made to hold drink. Sanity stops madness from spilling everywhere. Madness stops sanity from confining us to the tyranny of the ordinary.”

Ben Cragg – Playing Chess Against Yourself

“This is why I love acting so much – I love creating a character around myself, sort of like building a shell, but still allowing me creative control of what aspects of myself I express.”

Shona Clarke – My Perspective

“Young people with mental health issues can be seen as bad, and are punished for their behaviour, rather than their behaviour seen as a reaction to the things occurring in their life and the social inequities that exist.”

Tim Hagan – A Life Less Travelled

“People commonly view mental distress through skewed portrayals shown in popular media. Ideas of secretive, finicky introverts sidestepping cracks denigrate a person’s real experience.”

Judith White – Getting Inside Her Own Head

“Anxiety contributes to my intense interest in people…to try and understand what makes people tick in a seemingly normal sort of way.”

Gareth Edwards – Madness At Work

“What’s it like to be mad? I guess that’s where the complexities really begin, because language, with all its wondrous abilities . . . fails miserably when it comes to describing madness”

Egan Bidois – Madness On Your Own Terms

“Mental Health – in my opinion – is no mystical complicated thing. It happens every day in every way to everyone.”

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