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Using one of the three evaluation measures options may be of interest to you if:

  • You would like to add to the information available about the impact Conversations for Change
  • You would like to make a case for Conversations for Change being a regular part of your organisation’s/school’s activities
  • You have an interest in research.

Online survey (Option one)

Using their phones or a computer, ask prticipants to complete the pre-survey before undertaking any of the activities of the resource (even the day before is an option).

Ask participants to complete the post-survey after undertaking all activities of the resource.

Facilitator to fill in additional information.

Manual print survey (Option two)

    1. Print a copy of Survey A and Survey B for each participant
    2. Before beginning  any of the Conversations for Change activities, ask participants to fill in Survey A and collect.
    3. Facilitate Conversations for Change
    4. Ask participants to complete Survey B and collect.

Email your results to using the results form, or by scanning in all surveys and emailing. Please make a note on the top of surveys where and when they were filled out (e.g. Lakes High School, Year 11 Health, July 18)

Formal Research (Option three)

If you have experience in conducting formal research and would like to contribute to the international body of work Please contact so that we can liaise with you in setting up the research. This support might involve

  • helping ensure ethical guidelines are followed (e.g. keeping results confidential and consent informed)
  • providing information sheets and demographic sheets for your use
  • following up with a three month survey to assess whether any change was maintained over time
  • helping establishing a control group alongside the the intervention group.

Reported and Intended Behaviour Scale RIBS 10 © 2009 Health Service and Population Research Department, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London Contact: Professor Graham Thornicroft. Email:


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